Create authentic moments between you and your customers.

At cxLoyalty, we know that human connections are the strongest driver of success. We believe that strategy guides, technology enables, and that a loyal relationship is created with intention.


What’s our story

Over the last few years we’ve been on a journey of transformation, recognizing the emerging needs of our clients and their customers.

The cxLoyalty brand name brings clarity to our renewed mission and purpose— to enable an unparalleled customer experience that motivates advocacy, brand community, and leads to loyalty.  Read more »



Our areas of focus

We’ve responded by adding new capabilities, developing flexible technology platforms with a focus on data and analytics to create meaningful, personalized customer experiences that help establish and nurture unique relationships between brands and their customers.



Content is everything. How can cxLoyalty provide personalized content for your customers’ needs?



Our team delivers insight and context to enable your brand to meet the personalized needs of each customer.



Scalable, flexible, configurable and secure. Whether you need integration support, or added technology capabilities, we can help.



We offer services that put your mind at ease and align with your strategy so that you can focus on your relationship with your customers.


Passion and curiosity drive us to create meaningful engagement

We flex, tailoring our approach to achieve optimal results. For some clients, it’s about creating or enhancing their loyalty programs. For others, it’s delivering data-driven marketing campaigns, creating deeper engagement, or a focus on incentives and rewards that catalyze a specific outcome.

Loyalty that spans the globe

We operate in 19 countries with a significant and long-standing presence in the U.S. and the majority of Europe’s largest markets. Read our story »