Meeting Rachel Bicking

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In our blog series, you’ll get to know the people who make up our team. This Q&A-style series will highlight some of our newest employees and help you understand more about their role, their expertise and what gets them excited for each day.  


Rachel Bicking

Senior Vice President of Data and Analytics

What’s your background?

I’ve been in the marketing technology space for most of my career. I’ve provided analysis and strategic support to a variety of clients in the retail, manufacturing and hospitality industries. I’m a big believer in investing in the right marketing resource management (MRM) and customer resource management (CRM) tools to help strengthen the overall capabilities of an organization.

What’s your role at cxLoyalty?

I’m the Senior Vice President of Data and Analytics at cxLoyalty. Alongside my team, we’re leading the conversation with our clients on data insight, predictive modeling and personalization through omni-channel efforts to better serve and retain customers.

How do you help increase customer lifetime value for your clients?

We help our clients dig into all of the available sources including transactional, behavioral, and operational data to better understand their customers at an individual level. From there, we provide recommendations for engaging, growing, and retaining customers through predicting what is important to them and prescribing actions. We are able to predict if customers are likely to call into the call center based on their digital behavior so we can give them a very personalized and positive experience. We can also look across all of the deals, promotions, campaigns, and content that is available and effectively decide what would best increase CLV.

What’s your perspective on loyalty technology?

Technology is the key enabler to engaging loyalty customers and activating the data and analytics that we provide. We work very closely with our IT team to ensure that the insights that we find are executed through our technology and that we focus on being as agile and personalized as possible. We are committed to injected data and analytics throughout the technology platform. But the technology itself is only part of the equation. You also need experienced analysts who craft narratives from the data – that’s the key to loyalty strategy success.

What gets you excited for the day?

Gearing up and working on new products for our clients.  That’s the great thing about loyalty technology – it’s constantly evolving. There are always new algorithms to write and new ways to capture and track data. Being able to help clients learn more about their end customers and build a more loyal consumer base – all through the use of data – that’s pretty amazing.


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