We rebranded. Here's why.

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As you may have noticed, we’ve made a few changes!

Companies rebrand all the time. Sometimes they do it to promote growth, and other times it’s done to fix something or bring a new product to the market. So why did we feel compelled to rebrand our company?

The first reason was identity.
As a large organization with multiple business units operating separately, there was a need for a more clearly defined market identity.

The second reason was message.
Our business had strong yet separate components that, when put together, offer brands a more comprehensive set of capabilities to address unique customer needs and solve business problems.

Why did we choose cxLoyalty?
CX, or Customer Experience, is a universally known term in Marketing. The physical manifestation of the brand promise is a key differentiator that delivers on the most important moments in the customer journey and allows for targeted, personalized experiences that create tangible emotional connection and value.

Loyalty is the primary vehicle for the 1:1 customer relationship, establishing “opt-in” and permission-based communication. Loyalty creates trust and delivers intrinsic value; it’s also an outcome of an excellent customer experience.

Clarity is critical.
By choosing the brand cxLoyalty, we are telling the world exactly who we are: a purpose-driven, customer-obsessed company that helps to create authentic relationships between brands and their customers. We are here to help.




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