ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Evolve Your Loyalty Approach With Customer Context & Content


“It’s getting harder and harder for brands to earn their customer’s loyalty,” said Emily Collins of Forrester. “And that's because consumers don't need to be loyal to brands, but brands need consumers to be loyal to them.”

Even though loyalty programs have a lot of potential benefits around creating that permission-based relationship where companies can collect a lot of really useful and usable data about their customers, there's a big gap between what they're collecting and what they're actually using down the line. It's time for companies to reimagine their loyalty approach to better balance the consumer and brand desires.

If you have a loyalty program, use it not just as another funnel for promotions alongside everything else that you're giving away, but as a way to demonstrate the best of what your brand has to offer. It's not just what you offer, but how you deliver it. But how do you pivot when customer expectations and motivations are ever-evolving? Does your approach to loyalty need to evolve too?

Join us for an on-demand webinar where industry experts Natasha Longo, SVP of cxLoyalty Marketing and guest Emily Collins, Principal Analyst at Forrester, have a candid conversation spanning:

  • The current and future state of the loyalty market

  • How to evolve your loyalty program strategy with personalized content

Also discussed in the webinar, cxLoyalty addresses:

  • post re-brand: future-focused perspective & what's changed



Natasha Longo
SVP of cxLoyalty Marketing

Emily Collins
Principal Analyst at Forrester


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