Collaborative customer engagement


This Brand was looking for a partner who was flexible and could provide a scalable platform with the support staff and infrastructure to provide better efficiencies, placing value ahead of cost while also working closely with their point bank provider to ensure a seamless experience for all.


Our approach to this program included a full understanding of client pain points, including a value proposition that addressed future programming needs in an effort to reduce the dreaded “nickel and diming” associated with their previous partner, while also creating efficiencies around implementation. 

  • Programs: Two completely separate models within one branded program —> Spend and Get & Points Based 

  • Segmentation functionality: The flexibility to present promotional discounts within the points program to an individual without full segmentation of the population (flexibility to change at will)

  • Program Tiers: 3 different member tiers with unique program rules

  • API integrations with point bank partner to account for all necessary data exchanges for a completely seamless member experience and the highest quality servicing support


  • Created a collaborative and meaningful partnership fostering ideation and program growth 

  • Reduced churn in the brand’s ecosystem while reinforcing confidence in our team’s expertise, delivery and the program’s growth potential 

  • Proven program growth and increased member engagement within first 9 months